Dr. Donald K. Allen

Dr. Donald K. Allen, Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Allen was born and raised in Rockford, IL. Shortly after graduating from high school he enlisted in 1967 in the Air Force for four years, serving as a military journalist in the Philippines and at George AFB, CA. He attended Midwest Horseshoeing School in Macomb, IL, and became a licensed horseshoer, which he used to help work his way through college, along with the GI Bill. Dr. Allen received a bachelor degree in animal science at the University of Illinois, then a master’s degree in animal nutrition. He worked at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago for a year before being accepted to the UI College of Veterinary Medicine, graduating with a BS in veterinary science and then a DVM in 1980. He moved to Youngstown in 1984 and started his own practice in 1992. He served over 16 more years in the Air Force Reserve as a public health officer at Wright-Patterson AFB, retiring in 2010 with the rank of lieutenant colonel. Dr. Allen presented several conference lectures on dermatology and veterinary practice in Lithuania and Latvia, and started a joint-venture veterinary supply business in Kaunas, Lithuania. An amateur WWII historian, he wrote “Tarawa - the Aftermath” in 2001, and served as veterinary support for cadaver dog searches for missing in action WWII soldiers and Marines, traveling to Tarawa and Belgium with a team from History Flight.

Dr. Allen is an advanced certified SCUBA diver, and holds a second degree (r) black belt in taekwondo. He and his wife, Paula, enjoy travel, reading, photography, and their pets, cats Yul and Star, and German shepherds Dagny and Eva.

Dr. Allen, Mary Kay, and Hallie
Julz graduated from Youngstown State University with a degree in psychology. She has been working for the clinic since 2014. Julz has three retrievers, Camryn, Ella and Jayjay, and two cats, Sidney and Tigris. Sarah graduated from Hiram College with a degree in psychobiology. Sarah has been working with Dr. Allen since 2004. She also spent a year working at a primate facility in South Carolina. Sarah has a Shepherd named Spencer and a cat, Eamon.
Cindy, Criss and Jennifer
Julie graduated from Youngstown State University with a degree in criminal justice. Julie has been working for Dr. Allen on and off since 2004. Outside the clinic Julie enjoys spending time with her husband, Randy and two sons, Randy Jr. and Gabriel. She has a house cat, Wyatt, and a pride of outside cats. Cheryl recently returned to the clinic in the early part of 2015. Cheryl has a kitten named Hermie. Cheryl truly enjoys her job and being apart of such a great team. What can be better than working with animals?!
Max is the big handsome Siamese who always has a lot to say. He is calm, cool, and loves to pick on his clinic sisters. Max also loves children. Muffin is sweet as candy and a beautiful Siamese mix who loves nothing more than curling up in a big pile of fresh towels.
Puffin is the clinics official greeter. She can be found mingling with clients or hanging out on the front counter. But do not let that fool you, she is definitely sassy. Emma "The Baby" is the newest and youngest member of the group. She can be found in any carrier left unattended. Emma is the sweetest but also can be pretty sour with a quick nip when she has had enough love.