Dr. Donald K. Allen

Dr. Donald K. Allen, Veterinary Clinic

Photos of some of the Doctor's patients and their owners

Judy Sanders with FD458 Megan, Gina and Romeo
Judy Sanders, with her rare Oriental Frill Gina Maloney (left), Megan Makara (right), and Romeo, 8 weeks old
Mark McOwen and Maggie Pat Nackino and Sid
Mark McOwen and Maggie, a 15 week old Great Dane Pat Nackino and Sid, a 5 month old Boston Terrier
Maggie and Sid Maggie and Sid
Maggie, meet Sid Sid, meet Maggie
Erica Bankhead with Fletcher Debbie Bankhead with Sasha
Erica Bankhead with Fletcher, a 7 yr. old Beagle Debbie Bankhead, with Sasha, a 7 yr. old Lab. mix
Stacey Freedman with Tuffy Fran Tomasino with Isabel
Stacey Freedman with Tuffy Fran Tomasino with Isabel
Bill Cartwright with Bandit Brittny Stevens with Buster and Justice
Bill Cartwright with Bandit, a 1 yr. old Jack Russell Terrier Brittny Stevens with Buster a 2 year old Lab/Rotweiler, and Justice, a 7 week old Rotweiler/Shepherd
Daphne, with Monster Patricia Carr with Hallie
Daphne with Monster Patricia Carr, with Hallie

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